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Point of Care - Long-term Care Risk Management Electronic Documentation System


Maximize revenue and reduce risk, all at the same time. Point of Care is a fully integrated resident documentation tool that records real time observations. This system utilizes tablet and/or kiosk computers to gather observations at the Point of Care. Activities of Daily Living observations are summarized and provided on the MDS with a suggested answer for the resident's look-back period. Restorative minutes are compiled to equate for restorative days. Users can record pain intensities and location for better pain management services. With all observations documented in real-time, Pont of Care helps keep your risk management at an all-time low.

Electronic Point Of Care documents:
• ADLs
• Intake and Output
• Mood and Behavior
• Pain
• Restorative Minutes
• Vitals

To learn more about QuickCare's Point of Care, please call us toll-free at 800.259.7633, option 2.

If you are looking for a point of sale kiosk, we recommend the Posiflex KS6315. Please check it out at www.posiflexusa.com

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